Il nostro passato non va allontanato, ma è necessario rivisitarlo di tanto in tanto anche solo per richiamare alla memoria ciò che eravamo e riflettere su cosa siamo diventati.


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Siké comes from "Sikelia", the ancient Greek name of Sicily.
Born in 2008, Siké has a "medeterranean mood", combining warm colors and well balanced stones along with silver in two-tone, white and rosé. A special alloy electroplating 23kt gold treatment in the e-coating prevents the oxidation of the metal ensuring the gloss over time. A fresh beauty to wear in a single color ensemble or mix and match gemstones and color ways to compliment any occasion. The taste and skill of the "Made in Italy", accompanied by an excellent client care to support our valued customers.

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Nothing says love like our Earrings. Let Siké Jewels help make your big occasion even more special with an unforgettable piece from our collection. We offer only top quality, handcrafted jewelry to our customers. When you want to use more than words to leave your loved one speechless get them our Earrings. When you know, you know.



A classic, beautiful and elegant gift for the ones you love. Choose our stunning Pinky Rings to celebrate your next big event, whether it’s a beautiful graduation gift or anniversary present. For those that appreciate the best of the best, you’ll find the perfect piece in our wide selection of handcrafted, meticulously molded jewelry.



Show how sophisticated and tasteful you are with a one-of-a-kind Necklace. Whether for yourself or a loved one, our wide and affordable selection will be sure to add a little sparkle to your life. It also makes for an absolutely stunning gift for the ones you love - best friends, sisters, daughters, mothers - show how much you care and appreciate them with our Necklace.

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Fabio Fiorentino



Alessandro Fiorentino


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Santina Oliva

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Novembre 09-11, 2019


Arriva la IX edizione di TRINACRIA ORO, appuntamento fieristico del settore della gioielleria, oreficeria, orologeria ed argenteria, che avrà luogo nella meravigliosa Taormina, uno dei centri turistici internazionali di maggior prestigio della Sicilia, capace di incantare con i suoi paesaggi, monumenti storici e bellezze naturali.