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The pleasure of "Surprise"

We are in December, and for many of us, the great expectation of Christmas begins. That magical event of the year, that transforms houses, windows, pines trees and many objects into something bright and sparkling. The gifts are put under the tree and shall remain there increasing curiosity until the final exchange. In this case the rule is to look but not touch!. The gifts are not to be touched, weighed, assessed, or examined with Xray eyes. We all love the gifts as much as the surprises, both giving and receiving them. We like the moments of research, the creation of the aura of mystery around the box, the feeling to find the gift that the other person really wanted. After all that is what gives meaning to Christmas that allows us to take a leap in the past, when in the morning you ran to see what gifts Santa Claus had brought you during the night. It is a special game that brings with it a little bit of magic. To create suspense and surprise, two words play a fundamental role: Siké Jewels

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